My name ist Susanne Rüegg.
I was born 18. March 1969.

I grew up in Gommiswald. There I attended the primary and
secondary school.

Then I graduated the apprenticeship as a mechanical draftsman
at the Mecana SA Schmerikon. After finishing my apprenticeship
in 1989 I moved to Weesen.

In the last few years i attended courses Webdesign (Assistant
Web SIZ, Web Publishing und Web Programming) and in
Desktop-Publishing.This allowed me in June 2008 to get back to
work as a Webdesigner.

I use this Webseite to try out new designs, programs, gallerys and so on.


In my freetime photography is one of my hobbies. At the most time our cats have to serve as a model.
Some of my photos can be seen in Fotocommunity  or in the gallery on this website.

Persermischling Max
Virago XV535
During summer I like to ride my motorbike.